Katszen wellness

Holistic Healing and Professional Massage 


Alternative Healing Therapies

KatsZen Wellness provides a holistic approach to healing with massage therapy and meditation services for the whole family.  With over 17 years experience, services include deep tissue, sports, pregnancy, reflexology, and swedish massage with additional services to include cupping therapy, pain relief therapy, and aromatherapy.

Massage therapy

Massage has a host of positive benefits. From relief of muscle tension and stress, to alleviating stress and anxiety, massage is a great and holistic way to nurture your body. 

Massage is known to decrease anxiety, relieve muscle pain, increase circulation, and even help to reduce depression or symptoms of arthritis.  

We offer a variety of different types of massage, including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy, and Reflexology- with additional service options including plant infused massage oil, cupping therapy, and hot towels and aromatherapy. 


KatsZen Wellness is a holistic healing center that is focused on providing quality massage and healing services in a natural and holistic manner while provided a personalized experience to all patrons. 

We want you to feel at home and comfortable with your experience. So, if you are tired of nature sounds or feeling like you are just a number being pushed through another spa, come on by for a more personal experience where you get to decide your favorite way to relax. 

Katszen uses all natural and organic ingredients. Our massage creams are organic, plant based, paraben free and we use DoTerra essentials oils and Green Roads plant oils and creams. All products are animal cruelty free.